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Discover Wedeko's impressive LED advertising walls and LED video walls. Make your messages shine and achieve maximum visibility. Benefit from the high quality and professional service for your advertising success.

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Digital LED wall at a station building in public space

LED video walls - the perfect solution for your advertising messages

Wherever classic displays are too small or not suitable for outdoor use, the robustly developed LED panels come into play. With high luminosity and a large display size , you are guaranteed to succeed in placing advertising messages in a high-quality and targeted manner .

Whether indoors, outdoors, a digital city entrance sign, a gasoline pump with digital price display, facade advertising at a height of 30 meters, or an LED Litfass pillar - the possibilities are enormous and the effect of your message is many times higher, more efficient, and more modern.

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LED video walls for all requirements

Whether for trade fairs, events, outdoor advertising or the point of sale - with Wedeko's LED advertising walls and LED video walls, you can skilfully stage your advertising messages and achieve maximum impact. Contact us today for a personal consultation and discover the diverse possibilities of our high-quality LED technology.

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LED pylon digital signage at a gas station
High visibility
With our LED advertising walls and LED video walls, you are guaranteed to attract everyone's attention. With their bright displays, they ensure that your messages are clearly visible even from a distance.
Our LED advertising walls and LED video walls offer you high flexibility in the design of your advertising content. You can seamlessly integrate texts, images, videos and animations and adapt them at any time to target your audience.
Brilliant image quality
The LED technology of our advertising walls enables excellent image quality and color intensity. Your advertising content will create an impressive visual impact.
Weatherproof and durable
Our LED billboards and LED video walls are designed for outdoor use and can withstand various weather conditions. They are sturdy and durable, so you don't need to worry about their reliability.
Easy installation and maintenance
Wedeko offers professional installation of your LED advertising wall or LED video wall. In addition, we support you with regular maintenance to ensure that your advertising content is always presented in the best possible way.
Individual solutions
At Wedeko, we understand that every customer has unique requirements. That's why we offer customized solutions tailored to your specific needs. We will be happy to advise you and together we will find the right LED advertising wall or LED video wall for your company.
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Outdoor LED Wall

Example configuration

Pixel pitch 8.33 mm

LED area 2400 mm x 1200 mm

External dimensions incl. substructure 2510 mm x 1310 mm

Recommended viewing distance 25 - 30 m

Price from 15.500 €

LED wall


Example configuration

Pixel pitch 6 mm

LED surface on both sides 1200 mm x 1600 mm each

LED display bottom edge 1.90m

External dimensions 1500 mm x 4500 mm

Recommended viewing distance 10 - 15 m

Price from 33.500 €

LED Pylon

LED Menu Board

Example configuration

Pixel pitch 2.9 mm

LED area 2000 mm x 500 mm

Outer dimensions 2000 mm x 500 mm

Recommended viewing distance 3 - 5 m

Price from 6.400 €

LED menu board

Technical details

LED module
LED module backside
LED module technology

" Modular system: different sizes and shapes possible

" All-weather and UV-resistant

" Guaranteed reliability under the toughest operating conditions

" no fans

" maintenance can be carried out particularly efficiently from the front and rear side

" available in different pixel pitches

" wide viewing angle

" high contrast ratio

View of a digital LED pylon in front of a gas station
Digital LED pylon in front of a gas station
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