that stands out

Digital info steles, digital showcase, window displays, LED walls, digital customer stopper and much more.

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Digital signage screen for outdoor outdoor

that stands out

Digital signage solutions for outdoor: digital info pillars, digital showcase, window displays, LED walls and much more.

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Digital outdoor advertising with a digital signage stele in front of a hospital

Digital signage solutions
for the outdoor area

Digital signage outdoor systems are the latest technology for outdoor advertising. Imagine large display steles or effective digital customer stoppers - that's digital signage outdoors. With advanced technology, they display content in real time.

These systems have the advantage that they are simply impossible to miss. They can be programmed to show different content around the clock, ensuring a presence at all times . And with the ability to change content at the touch of a button , they're perfect for businesses that want to distribute their advertising quickly and effectively.

But beware: there are a few challenges, too. Outdoor digital signage needs to be robust and able to withstand the elements. And it's important that they are securely installed to prevent vandalism and theft.

Bottom line: outdoor digital signage systems are a great tool for businesses that want to get their ads out to a wide audience. They can't be missed, can adjust content in real time, and are always present. But remember, they need to be robust and securely installed.


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Walk-in customers
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Outdoor compatible

Wind & Weatherproof
-30°C to +38°C

Discover our outdoor systems

Digital shop window

High brightness screen systems, also called semi-outdoor, fascinate with their gripping presentation that defies even adverse lighting conditions such as direct sunlight. This vivid and clear presentation is made possible by a brightness
of 2,500 - 4,000 cd/m².

The compact design allows seamless installation in almost any shop window and requires little space.

  • Available from 32" to 75

  • Various mounting options

  • Address walk-in customers on a daily basis

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Digital signage screen for outdoor outdoor
Digital signage screen for outdoor outdoor

Free standing outdoor stele

An advertising stele is ideal for public areas and is also suitable for drive-in facilities, as it is adapted to the optimal viewing height.

Specially designed and built for outdoor use, the Outdoor Stele, or Totem, is an optimal and effective way to attract customer attention. Built according to IP56 standard, this unit is completely weatherproof.

  • From 49" - 75" available, single or double sided

  • Freely positionable

  • Protected against vandalism

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Digital wall showcase

An outdoor enclosure provides you with everything you need to use a screen system outdoors. It is attractive, very robust and effectively protects against rain, snow, frost, heat, insects, vandalism and theft.

It is an attractive unit and can be ordered in either landscape or portrait format.

  • Available from 32" - 55

  • Durable - protects your screen for well over 10 years

  • Integrated air-conditioning unit prevents fogging of the pane in frost or heat

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Digital signage screen for outdoor outdoor
Digital signage screen for outdoor outdoor

Digital freestanding showcase

Classic analog display cases, for example in front of municipal facilities, have many disadvantages and are now obsolete.

It is much easier and faster to adapt the content of digital display cases: Information can be transmitted from anywhere in real time.

The display case comes with integrated filter fans, front panel ventilation as well as heating modules and can be placed free-standing.

  • Available from 32" - 55

  • For very many application scenarios

  • Lockable, with anti-reflective safety glass

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LED wall and LED cladding

Wherever classic displays are too small or unsuitable for outdoor use, the robustly developed LED panels come into play. With high luminosity and a large display size, you are guaranteed to succeed in placing advertising messages in a high-quality and targeted manner.

Whether indoors, outdoors, a digital city entrance sign, a gasoline pump with digital price display, facade advertising at a height of 30 meters, or an LED Litfass pillar - the possibilities are enormous and the effect of your message many times higher, more efficient, and more modern.

  • Continuous image without interruption

  • No reflections visible

  • Robust and thermally highly resilient - up to 10 years operating time

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Digital signage screen for outdoor outdoor
Digital customer stopper in front of a store

Digital customer stopper

By digitizing the customer stopper, you increase the advertising effect and always show current offers with less work. For this reason, we have developed the eStopper Slim - battery-powered, outdoor-ready, easily rollable and equipped with a 43" display.

Completely cordless, the eStopper can be easily rolled out of the store in the morning, locked up, and attract foot traffic to your store during the day. Thanks to the powerful battery, the eStopper runs for up to 27 hours. After that, it can be easily recharged overnight.

  • Protected against vandalism

  • Easy to push

  • Battery operated, up to 27 hours runtime

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Customer testimonials

What our customers say

Very good and professional work
We are currently very satisfied with the monitors and it is also very well received by the customers. I will now observe it a little and it may well be that we also connect the other branches in Brixen to the system.

I would also like to say that the guys at the installation did a very good and professional job. I will certainly recommend WEDEKO to others.
Bakery Confectionery Panifico Pasticceria Gasser Brothers
Bressanone, South Tyrol
Complete solution from a single source
During project implementation, it was important to find a partner who could offer us a complete solution from a single source. We found what we were looking for with Wedeko. From the beginning of the planning to the installation of the digital information points by the technical team to the support and software training, the aftercare and the design of the content. We could and can fully rely on the whole team.

We now have a product, which is modern and which inspires us as operators and also the guests and patients of the place.
Spa and Health Center
Bad Klosterlausnitz
Very easy handling
The handling of the system is really very simple. I am very glad that we took this step with Wedeko.

The maintenance of the content via the VisuScreen software is very easy for us compared to the previous static system. The project handling and consulting have convinced us!
City of Schopfheim
Absolutely bombastic
We currently use VisuScreen to operate the screens in the store, scale displays, three price rails, our weekly offer on the homepage and our social media photos.
The operation via any end device is absolutely fantastic for me, you don't need to install it permanently. You can distribute permissions so that our employees can also work on it a bit.

And what is a mega advantage for me is the connection with our merchandise management system. That means I no longer need to make (price) changes in the program, but do it all in my business system.
Mayer butcher shop
Reliable system
After a long search for a reliable and good signage system we came across WEDEKO.

Very good and very understandable system with really very good customer service - changes or requests are implemented very quickly and promptly without big ifs and buts - only to recommend!
Edeka Paul
Everything went great from A-Z, VisuScreen is very well received and user-friendly!

Highly recommended.
Municipal administration Murg
Many possibilities
We have installed Wedeko's system with 2 screens at our school in Werne and are super satisfied. Both with the advice and the installation as well as with the software, which offers many possibilities and is easy to use.

The big advantage: I can upload the complete control and all data and media from home on the computer and control and monitor the screens. Super system, only recommend!
St. Christophorus Grammar School


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