An eye-catcher around the corner: reduced-frame displays

An eye-catcher around the corner: reduced-frame displays


Our latest display installation at Le Crobag promises not only a modern aesthetic, but also a visual experience that appeals to the senses.

An eye-catcher around the corner: reduced-frame displays

Our reduced-frame displays, strategically placed around the corner, give Le Crobag a contemporary and inviting touch.

Dynamic content animations from Wedeko

At Wedeko, we understand that presentation is just as important as the right hardware. That's why we created dynamic content animations for LeCrobag. From tantalizing baked goods to seasonal offerings, our animations capture attention and invite you to discover Le Crobag's culinary diversity.

The 5-piece menu board: a feast for the eyes for gourmets

A particular highlight of our installation is the 5-seater menu board. This innovative arrangement not only presents the diversity of Le Crobag's range, but also does so in an aesthetically pleasing way. A visual treat for anyone who would like to take a look at the delicacies before ordering.

The visit becomes an experience

With our display installation at Le Crobag, we create more than just a visual attraction. We create an experience. The combination of modern design, high-quality displays and appealing animations makes a visit to Le Crobag a multi-sensory pleasure.

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