Digital showcase for cities, churches, communities and businesses

Digital showcase for cities, churches, communities and businesses


Paperless and efficient

Digital display cases in public spaces enable fast and, above all, up-to-date communication with citizens, community members and visitors. It is much easier to publish new content, because information can be transmitted from anywhere in real time. The notices can be designed flexibly and optionally operated interactively by means of a touch interface.

✔ for cities and communities
✔ for churches and monasteries
✔ for kindergartens and schools
✔ for community centers
✔ for companies as employee communication
✔ ...and many other possible applications

Thanks to digital showcases at highly frequented locations, even people who do not have direct Internet access can access up-to-date information.

What types of digital showcases are there?

There are various systems that can be wall mounted, for example - or used freestanding in various locations.Our systems are attractive, very robust and effectively protected from rain, snow, frost, heat, insects and vandalism. The screen enclosure comes with integrated fans as well as heating modules and can be used in portrait or landscape mode.

Technical details

  • Plenum chambers (heat dissipating air circulation system)
  • Integrated heating modules (start automatically at sub-zero temperatures)
  • Insulation (preserves the heat radiated by the heating modules)
  • Control computer (regulates the temperature by an integrated thermostat)
  • Filter fan (prevention of protective screen fogging)
  • Thanks to IP56 certification, your showcase is effectively protected against:
    rain, snow, frost, heat, insects, vandalism and theft
  • Good readability, even in direct sunlight (extra bright display with 2500 cd/m2)

How is such a digital showcase constructed?

Inside the system is a professional screen designed for continuous operation and has a particularly high luminous intensity, so that the content can be easily read even in direct sunlight.

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