How Dresden University Hospital relies on digital information systems

How Dresden University Hospital relies on digital information systems


Dresden University Hospital has decided to use digital menu boards to provide patients, staff and visitors with easy access to the latest information. Digital signage is an essential component of the digital information systems at Dresden University Hospital. These systems not only allow the latest information to be quickly relayed to the right people, but also provide a significantly higher level of service.

What are the advantages of a digital feeder system?

Dresden University Hospital relies on digital signage from Wedeko using VisuScreen software for its digital menu boards. Digital display technology offers a number of benefits, including:

Faster update time - with digital display technology, all relevant parties receive immediate updates on changes to daily menus or other relevant information.

* Greater flexibility - digital menu boards allow Dresden University Hospital to quickly and easily customize content and offer users more options.

* More efficient cost savings - using digital display systems allows Dresden University Hospital to save money by eliminating printing costs.

Dresden University Hospital chose to use digital menu boards because it allows them to improve their patient service while saving money. By integrating the system into existing processes, Dresden University Hospital was able to significantly improve its service quality while saving time and resources. This will enable Uniklinikum to allocate more time to other tasks necessary to achieve the best possible outcome for its patients.

The Facts:

✓ Special design by Wedeko:
CARUSO column with two 49" displays for outdoor use

✓ a 60" info display at the entrance to the CARUSO employee restaurant

✓ a food guidance system at the dining stations, consisting of 43" displays attached to a custom-made metal substructure

✓ Two 43" display customer stoppers at the bistros

✓ three menu boards made of slim 43" displays at the bistros

✓ on-site consulting, concept visualization, preparation
and installation of Wedeko

✓ controlled online with VisuScreen cloud

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