What will a modern gastronomy concept look like in 2023?

What will a modern gastronomy concept look like in 2023?


Mary Lou meets Augsburg's taste with "Feel Good Food", a modern interior and smart, digital touchpoints.

A window display shows guests entering the restaurant the current trend dishes and latest creations. The display is specially made for the shop window , i.e. it has a particularly high luminosity so that the contents are easily legible even in direct sunlight.

A touch display was installed in the entrance area, on which the ordering process is explained via pager. Additives and allergens can also be called up here. By integrating QR codes, the information can also be downloaded directly to a smartphone.

An absolute eye-catcher is the screen wall which alternately shows the menu and great videos of creations from around the world.

The Mary Lou team independently controls the content via our cloud-based VisuScreen.cloud software: here, texts, images and videos can be shared quickly and easily.

The process continues at the counter. Here, too, digital price rails display new creations or afternoon cake recommendations.

A climate-neutral roasted coffee can be enjoyed at the coffee counter. Here you will find two stretch displays. The narrow design allows them to fit perfectly into the furniture.

If you are interested in digital touchpoints in your café, restaurant or similar, please contact us.

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