Digitalization reaches the bakery: a look at the modernization at Gasser in South Tyrol

Digitalization reaches the bakery: a look at the modernization at Gasser in South Tyrol


In a world characterized by technology and innovation, it is inevitable that traditional industries such as the bakery industry will also take advantage of the digital transformation. A great example of this is the renowned Gasser bakery from South Tyrol, Bressanone to be precise, which has introduced digital menu boards at a total of 7 of its locations. This step not only marks a modernization of the visual presentation, but also an effective integration of digital signage systems into the daily business.

From classic boards to digital signage systems

We have equipped seven locations of Bäckerei Gasser with digital menu boards, which represent a remarkable modernization of the visual presentation. We removed the old menu boards and replaced them with modern digital signage systems. This step required comprehensive consulting, visualization, technical preparation and installation - tasks that we carried out with great passion and professionalism.

A before and after view - away from the classic blackboard to the digital menu board from Wedeko

Central control: the advantages of

A decisive step in this project was the implementation of centralized content management via our platform. This enables the Gasser bakery to easily update and adapt content such as food offers, special promotions and seasonal items. This flexibility is crucial in order to meet the constantly changing needs and requirements of the market.

Customized content: The content concept from Wedeko

The content concept, which we developed in close collaboration with Bäckerei Gasser, is another important aspect of this project. We created customized content that perfectly reflects the brand identity and the needs of the customers.

A look into the future: the importance of digitalization for the bakery industry

We are grateful for the trust that Bäckerei Gasser has placed in us and we look forward to continuing to develop innovative solutions that help our customers compete in an increasingly digital world.

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