Gastronomy meets digital signage: Amore at Düsseldorf Airport

Gastronomy meets digital signage: Amore at Düsseldorf Airport


Amore is an outstanding gastronomy location at Düsseldorf Airport operated by SSP. This restaurant offers travelers a unique culinary experience in an appealing and cozy environment.

When designing the "Amore" food and beverage location, great importance was attached to a well thought-out concept that would meet the needs of airport visitors. The aim was to create an inviting atmosphere where guests can relax and enjoy a variety of delicious food and drinks.

A notable feature of the Amore restaurant is the Wedeko digital menu boards used here. These modern and interactive display boards offer an intuitive and informative presentation of the menu. Guests can easily find out about the different dishes and make their selections. The use of digital menu boards also allows flexible updating of the menu, so that seasonal offers or changes can be communicated quickly and easily.

The digital signage concept, planning and installation work for the Amore restaurant location was carried out by Wedeko. The golden wooden frames of the menu boards perfectly match the store concept and give the entire space an elegant and high-quality appearance.

The combination of appealing design, digital menu boards and high-quality materials makes Amore a popular meeting place for airport visitors looking for a culinary break during their trip.

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