Modern digital signage solutions from Wedeko improve patient information in specialist clinics in Wangen

Modern digital signage solutions from Wedeko improve patient information in specialist clinics in Wangen


Fachkliniken Wangen decided to implement Wedeko's digital signage solutions to optimize patient orientation and internal communication. This pragmatic solution not only contributes to more efficient information transfer, but also blends unobtrusively into the clinic environment.

Practical installation in the entrance area

The focus of this implementation is the entrance area of the Fachkliniken Wangen. A practical board with three professional displays was installed above the reception desk, which shows information that is updated daily. This digital guidance system helps patients, visitors and staff to find out about important events and current health information.

Another screen in portrait format at the bistro entrance serves as a digital menu and presents additional information. The simple metal housing of this screen protects the hardware from external influences.

Wedeko's digital signage technology is also used at two other locations within the clinic to optimize patient orientation.

Advantages of digital signage in clinics:

  1. Improved patient orientation: The clear presentation of information makes it easier for patients to navigate within the clinic.
  2. Real-time updating: Daily information such as the menu is updated in real time, making the content provided more relevant.
  3. Efficient communication: The digital guidance and information system facilitates the transparent communication of important information to patients, visitors and staff.
  4. Image improvement: By using modern technology, the clinic demonstrates its willingness to optimize processes.
  5. Multifunctional applications: Digital signage from Wedeko can be used flexibly for various purposes, whether for patient information, employee communication or as an advertising platform.

The installation of digital signage solutions at Fachkliniken Wangen illustrates how Wedeko is helping to improve patient information in clinics. This cost-effective solution helps to optimize processes and position the clinic as a contemporary facility.

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