TOP 5 advantages of digital signage

TOP 5 advantages of digital signage


What are the advantages of screen advertising? We show you our top 5 in our YouTube video!

🙌 Advantage 1 - Modern & Contemporary

Advantage No. 1 is clearly the modern & contemporary communication with customers. You can design the presentations with your logo, pictures or videos and thus bring movement and variety into your advertising. Due to the modern look of the screens, they can also be wonderfully integrated into a new store concept. But not only that, we can of course also install screens in existing, older buildings.  

🙌 Advantage 2 - Flexible & Simple

Our VisuScreen software offers you incredible flexibility. The web-based solution allows you to access your monitors from anywhere - not only from your PC, but also from your smartphone or tablet.  

🙌 Advantage 3 - Wide range of options

I think our recent customer meeting showed us just how versatile digital signage can be. Here, the customer came to us with specific wishes. It was not only about the screen advertising, but also about a solution with which he can control his scale displays at the counters, about digital pricing and about the link to Facebook, Instagram and homepage. And all this is possible with VisuScreen cloud. We can create different templates that are suitable for landscape or portrait screens, and also export content from them for social media. So you have one tool to maintain all the advertising channels. Of course, this is also a great time saver.  

🙌 Advantage 4 - Changes in seconds

With digital signage, you can change or adapt your content in seconds, without needing someone on site to change the poster or re-label the board. In no time at all, you can get your current content into your stores - and everywhere at the same time!  

🙌 Advantage 5 - Attention-grabbing

Of course, you can not only display advertising on the screens, but also entertaining content, such as news, weather forecasts or mood videos. Of course, this also shortens the waiting time. A great example of how digital signage can be used as a mood element is the seating area of the Stehle bakery. There we have installed 5 screens in portrait format, behind window bars.

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